The following year.

At the end of the winter, much meeting with new people had taken place. On the fourteen it was full moon night, and I was going to pick up a batch of test drugs, from some people my age which had no idea how that domain is dangerous. ''He was there.. Sitting on the floor, in the middle of the plants. Looked like a teenager who would pose for a painter.'' The kind who never jumps on a woman but you could think, that if he becomes yours he'll always say yes with a smile.'' That I had free access to this place makes lots of guys wonder to this day what was the roof of my fascination. - He refused the cigarette I offered and later, I learned his addiction was something else. I had not any doubt that elsewhere he had few lovers, who were ignoring everything from each other. Not that kind of man who would makes your wishes come to life at the price of a treat. And he probably was never in the lifesaving business. But I'd already relized Steel was not into laundering, neither having anyways of bringing tons of revenues in. - Could anybody understand how he kept this studio, plus her appartment, plus at least helping paying for her friend furnitures? During months, we examined each other, before I discover English and French were his second languages. Now I'm thinking about maybe, going to Mexico for fun.. I loved taking these chances. I'm old and finished now. - But Steel, I remember the Datura, offered that night. You would hear this shiny smile then go so much disarmed. He would have you do you're job without any hesitations.


  • So, I guess that's why no transition took place. It just happened, without anyone’s permission. It was an invisible takeover. Nadya went through the mill in the early stage when I notice the tomorrow's drop into the past. They tried to refrain her from existing, used to maltreat the girl on the behalf of searching for a cure. She was not a troubled kid but a more definite rebellious and wild character. That said, in the womb of this era it was classified urgent to manage such a thing as herself has someone who would not be allowed. Deadly inventions from last century become the new ruler in a split second. Remaining from our constitutional right was crowd control design. Citizen freedom should be relevant through psychological screening, meaning no noticeable difference if you look with a distracted eye. My claims this life was her sole belonging sounded like a plaint, echoed desperately to the doctor’s ears.
  • The only integrity that is left to me Steel, stands with difficulty today. After all these years I’ve realized, it was not about being sick or tired or getting the necessary help. What this is about is much more problematic and is obliviously ignored by any involved parties. 
  • Currently, one who is not endorse by the love, support and appreciation of such a trusted figure, otherwise will be considered expendable.
  • For the moment there is nothing else to do. I could walk out and take on me, to enter the closest Chinese Restaurant; looking for a sign that could inhance my sense of belonging. The strong interest Sophie showed to my behavior seems unrealistic. In our fantasy, she did took the time to verified a couple of facts. A least once, before I was her patient. Then I was terrified but, still fine. Enough to gather some big picture about her future expectations. She is way odder then me and also, more protective. She has large brown eyes that make me confident were unrelated. Clearly if both my parent did not have matching eyes colors, I might think otherwise. Then the therapist noted again: it seems her souvenirs are filled with lies. This average childhood of mine escalated until it was impossible to manage the side effects. What comes before revenge do you think? It’s all these years being told pre-package sentences that are sounds, seems safe for a kid but in fact, they remain the matter for philosophy and religion. “Over my dead body, my mother says.” There was probably a reason behind it. At five years old, I stayed put for a second.


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