Fast forward for me.

Everything did started at the exact moment when Alyosha will be my friend. We had ties at work, so if it wouldn't been of the Kafe it is probable both of us had details in common. We discover how to be partners in the streets of the city, at a time when at twenty it became rapidly very easy to make a living out of it. He gave me once a chance to earn his trust, So I took it. During that time I would also discover a taste for writing. The minimum was all I wanted. For living in a busy neigbourghood we were going to bring up every problem. In my life the risk, eviction, poor - health. I went from coldly tempered to enough safe, with this idea that writing my views would help me justify everything; assumed my own Faith.

The first time I've lost my apartement in the Center of Downtown, money with all object was danger. The hikikomori lifestyle had suit me more than my entourage could ever understand. At the beginning of new moon I skip a first dose to keep up with being roomate. With the recurent idea it would be difficult at 38 to get the Oedipe that was stolen on my second birthday. It was ten days after the students had move in town for the summer. Just after National Holliday I've decided to come around and find myself a new home. Sophie was trying to convince me for weeks to accept a lidget position. She said the money should come easy. Has my remorse from being my family's doll for almost a year started kicking in, I relized the weight of life on Alyosha's shoulder was not available much to me. But I was seeking to replace the oedipe by a sense of earthyhood.


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