Lettre du Dr Bienfaisance. Part One

They’re just a few roads that lead to psychiatry. The police may take you there, sometimes the ambulance or a relative. To most of us it feels like being swallowed by a big machine. The health system takes charge very efficiently of those who suffer too much to remain sane. For the patient it’s all about an unexpected life adjustment. The first few years will be about learning the lingo.

Whether the newly mentally ill are reluctant or not, it is unlikely to be tag by mistake as a danger to himself or to others. More often the resistance originates from the exterior. Before addressing the path leading to recovery a lot is actually happening. We should point out the need for the families to be fully accepting and the workers within the system a lot more welcoming. Only then will the patient himself be less tainted with negative connotations. To battle the diagnosis was proven futile and to some degree prevents improvement. It may be bad luck, some trick from destiny, but we do not end up at the psychiatric facility as part of a tremendous misunderstanding.

To me, it felt like my number to be the next guinea pig had come up. During the very first - of many weeks at the hospital – the countdown to the future had begun. The fictional society that artists and scientists were anticipating for so long imposed itself the following year. The timeframe of change had speed up. Nothing seems to be what most of us expected from progress. Nobody wanted to let go from its old views on reality. So I guess that is why no transition took place, it just happened without anyone’s permission. It was an invisible takeover. When I went through the mill in the early stages I noticed the tomorrows drop into the past. They tried to refrain me from existing, used to maltreat me on the behalf of searching for a cure. I was not a troubled kid but a more definite rebellious and wild character. That said, in the womb of this era it was classified urgent to manage such a thing as myself, someone who would not be allowed. Deadly medical inventions from last century became the new rulers in a split second. Remaining from our constitutional rights was crowd control design. Citizen freedom should be relevant through psychological screening. No noticeable difference if you look with a distracted eye.

My claim this life was my sole belonging sounded like a desperate echo to the doctor’s ears. The only images that are mine left me stand with difficulty today. After all these years I’ve realized it was not about being sick or tired and getting the necessary help. What this is about is much more problematic and is obliviously ignored by any involved parties.  - Currently, one who is not endorsed by the love, support and appreciation of such a trusted figure, otherwise will be considered expendable. The seriousness of my interprizes cannot be discussed; I'll always consider myself skillful, clever in a way. My dreams as a grow up were pretty down to heart. 'Try not to skip any classes, or be sick on an exam day.' It seem to me I was a quiet kid, always busy on my own. Didn't have lots of friends or activity thats true. I couldn't afford it as I put myself thru acting class at twelve and then LifeGuard School at fiftteen. Anyhow, I did not know how to cry, period, even though I've been always sad never did depression had got to me.


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